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At Slate Recovery, we exist to help you discover strength for the journey ahead, find purpose in who you are and what you do, and embrace life and all it has to offer by inspiring personal growth and transformation.


At Slate Recovery, we believe that every person is worthy of a profound and life-changing recovery experience, free from judgment and limiting stories about who you are and what you are capable of achieving.

We strive to serve as trusted guides and champions of change for those seeking lives full of purpose, joy, health, and wellbeing.

In all that we do, we stand ready to help you discover strength, find purpose, and embrace life.



Slate Recovery believes in the transformative power of expert clinical care and compassionate support. We offer tailored clinical treatment, along with experienced guidance and support, to empower individuals on their unique recovery journey


Preserving and upholding human dignity is central for Slate Recovery. We deeply understand the challenges of addiction and recovery, and we provide compassionate care that emphasizes respect and appreciation for every individual we serve.


Slate Recovery is dedicated to building a strong and supportive community where everyone is supported, accepted, and understood. We recognize the power of connection in the recovery process.


Slate Recovery seeks innovative ways to provide comprehensive and effective recovery solutions. We are committed to evolving our approach based on clinical counseling evidence- based practices, and purpose-driven coaching.


Slate Recovery is purpose driven. We strive to create a positive impact by aligning our company goals with a greater mission, inspiring our clients and team members to lead meaningful lives while making a difference in the world.

Get to know our staff

Ray Wolber

Owner &CEO

After leaving a career in corporate staffing, along with a new lease on life found in recovery from alcoholism, Ray Wolber was inspired to create Slate Recovery. Ray envisions Slate as a beacon of hope for those seeking refuge from the storms of addiction and mental health challenges. The values of dignity, guidance, and community strongly inform all that we do and the way that care is provided at every level of the organization. At Slate, doing the right thing always comes first, along with the safety and well-being of everyone we serve. Slate is an employee-first organization. We continually seek the best talent in the industry, while going above and beyond to ensure that all staff are deeply cared for and provided with true work-life balance. Ray is excited to offer a profound and life-changing recovery experience for fellow Oklahomans struggling with substance use disorder through Slate Recovery.

Ray Wolber

Charles Gosset

Program Director

Charles serves as the Program Director for Slate Recovery, and is also a certified Life Purpose Coach and certified Addiction Recovery Coach (PCC, CPRC). He has been offering professional coaching services for over 10 years, previously owning his own coaching business in Oklahoma City. His ultimate focus is on empowering individuals to lead courageous, authentic lives so that they can find and fulfill their purpose. Whether that’s the purpose of a lifetime, or the purpose for this time in life. Charles is excited to join Slate Recovery in order to make a difference within Oklahoma’s addiction treatment and recovery space.

Charles Gosset Program Director headshot

Amy McClung


Amy graduated from the University of Oklahoma’s Clinical Professional Counseling program in 2021. She has been fully licensed as an LADC/MH since September of 2023. Amy has experience working with the high risk/high need justice involved community and is now bringing those skills and experience to Slate Recovery. She also recently attained her certification as an Advanced Grief Counseling Specialist. Amy is excited to engage with clients and to provide IOP services to the community.

Amy McClung LADC:MH headshot

Raylee Rushing


Raylee Rushing is a Licensed Alcohol and Drug/Mental Health Counselor who has had the privilege of working in the counseling field for the past several years. She has served clients from various walks of life, in both residential and outpatient settings, and helped them navigate challenges such as addiction, trauma, anxiety and depression. Raylee works to create a collaborative, safe, and hope-filled environment that supports the space needed for personal healing and growth.

Raylee Rushing LADC:MH headshot

Matt Matthews


Matt has been working in the substance abuse and mental health field for the past 6 years. He graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma’s Addiction Counseling program in 2020 and has been a Licensed Alcohol & Drug/Mental Health Counselor since January of 2023. 
Matt’s passion for this field is personal. In November of 2023, he celebrated 10 years of sobriety, after many years of alcoholism and drug addiction. He understands how important it is to find purpose and meaning so that you can build a life worth living. 
Matt’s experience includes individual, family and group therapy using the latest evidence-based practices. He is also a Making Sense of Your Worth facilitator and an IFS-informed therapist.

German Gallardo

LPC Candidate

German was born and raised in southside Oklahoma City with roots in Michoacán, Mexico. He obtained a Master of Science in Counseling from Oklahoma State University and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Oklahoma. German has a variety of experiences ranging from community mental health clinics to private practice environments, providing wraparound to children and families to providing group therapy to adults with co-occurring disorders.In his downtime, he likes to spend time in nature, play video games, and learn about the world around him.

German Gallardo LPC Candidate headshot

Cierra Eastep

Client Relations Manager

As a passionate advocate for recovery and addiction support, Cierra has spent the last few years building strong relationships within the Oklahoma recovery community. Her goal is to connect individuals struggling with addiction and alcoholism to the resources and support they need to embark on a journey towards recovery. She is grateful to be a part of the Slate Recovery team, where she can utilize her experience and passion to make a positive impact on individuals in need. With dedication and purpose, Cierra is committed to making a difference and helping others find their path to recovery.

Cierra Eastep Client Relations Manager headshot

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